Saturday, July 21, 2012

See Ya Laters- Retreat 8

This week has been filled with laughter and tears. It has been a beautiful rollercoaster of emotions. Our retreat families had a great time bonding with their family partners.

Friday we had a make-up Italian Night, joined with pizza, ice-cream pie and cheesy mustaches! We are so thankful for the fellowship that took place this past week at Gulf Place. It was a crazy week to say the least, but we are so grateful for our AMAZING volunteers, retreat families and leadership!

Please pray for traveling mercies for the retreat families and volunteers as they head back home! Pray for our volunteers and leadership as they journey to the beach for Retreat 9, also! We know that God has SO many amazing things planned!!

We wanted to give you a glimpse of what went on during our Retreat 8 talent show! The Starfish brought the house down with their original song "Bald Girls Are Beautiful".  Here are a few pictures and a video!

Please share with family, friends, or anyone that wants to know what Lighthouse Family Retreat is all about!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bald Is Beautiful!

Today was such a jam-packed day! During Flip-Flop we geared up for the talent show by picking out costumes and running through acts! During Conked Out the retreat family moms were pampered during Mom's Spa. It was a great time for the retreat moms to get some much needed attention and love they deserve! 

Dinner was a delicious low country boil followed by the talent show! The talent show was filled by so many outstanding acts. The children brought the crowd from laughter to tears! 

The Starfish's (Girls 13+) act definitely stood out. Their song was entitled "Bald Girls Are Beautiful". The song spoke of how even though cancer leaves you different from others, in this case bald you are still beautiful. You don't have to listen to the lies society tells you constantly. They sang from the heart and it definitely brought the house down! 

Please continue to pray for our retreat families, volunteers and leadership as we wrap up this week. Pray that we continue to build bonds and finish strong! Thanks! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What A Wonderful Wednesday!

The volunteers and retreat families had a unique experience yesterday due to the weather. Italian Night was spent in the retreat families condos. Typically the rain brings sad faces but we saw bonds being made between the retreat families and their family partners!

It is so amazing seeing God's light shine even through the storm, literally! The volunteers sincerely praised Him through the storm.

The Lord blessed us with fabulous weather today! Everyone had a fabulous time playing in the pool, decorating cookies, gearing up for the talent show and enjoying Movie/Date Night!

Please pray for one our retreat families, their son was running a high temperature this evening. Pray for a fast recovery!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

God Is Good!

Today was our first day of Flip-Flop and Common Grounds! Everyone had a fabulous time cooling off in the pool and building relationships with their retreat families.

We were hit with a storm during lunch and it continued through the evening. Even through the storm the Lord's light was shining through our volunteers! They had a great night filled with laughter as they served the retreat families. We cannot wait to see what these next few days will bring!

Please continue to pray for Retreat 8!!